Hi, we are be:screen

We develop systems and custom solutions to automate the process of media creation.


We‘re a team of developers and publishing experts sharing a passion for design, print and technology.

be:screen was founded about 20 years ago, when computer-aided prepress techniques began to supplant handcrafted work. Being fascinated by the rise of the internet and its information technologies, we started developing software to generate media data with the accuracy and speed of machines.

Today, our web services and solutions are used by international companies, brand owners, publishers and agencies. With our high level of automation, we support them to coordinate and create publications, catalogs, corporate design compliant media and marketing material. On demand, on the fly.


We believe publishing needs online collaboration, web technology and automation – say hello to Chameo.

Chameo is our lineup of solutions to simplify and automate the creation of media data. Starting with a web service to create business cards with ease, Chameo also allows you to organize weekly publications, do editorial work online and gather content from hundreds of people via the internet.

Manufacturers and brand owners use Chameo to import data from their leading system, add missing details to products, setting up multilateral catalogs or to generate dynamic marketing material. The integrated Adobe InDesign Server meets highest expectations to design and typography.

Please don‘t hesitate to contact us for further information about Chameo, our „ready for launch“ services or customized solutions for specific needs.


Media creation is still dominated by human tasks. It‘s time to add the dna of robots to Adobe InDesign.

Prepress techniques remained unchanged for decades. With regard to todays market conditions, it is necessary to finally enter the next level.

We are specialized in prepress automation and InDesign scripting since the first release of Adobe InDesign. With a print publishing competence of several years and high automation skills, we successfully processed thousands of pages and rescued a lot of extensive, time-critical projects.

Instead of generating new documents, it is also possible to process, modify and tweak existing documents or to extract the content which is trapped in the files. Stop wasting time and simply delegate the tasks to our robots. The precision, speed and production reliability is really impressive.


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